Consumers are demanding more eco-friendly products on the shelves of their favorite retailers. And many companies have their own sustainability initiatives within their organizations.

Retailers across the US and the world are looking to add the most value that they can to their consumers and to the world. cycleWood Solutions has products that will satisfy your increasingly environmentally conscious consumers and technology that will help you to meet your sustainability initiatives.

Xylobags Tall Kitchen Bags and Lawn & Leaf bags are helping consumers find compostable and biodegradable products that hold up more like traditional polyethylene than any other compostable bag out there. On the supply side, our Xylomer technology is helping retailers with their waste disposal efforts and minimizing their use of fossil fuel-based materials.

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How to Get Started

Be compliant:
Check local legislation in the areas in which you operate to make sure that you are compliant.

In the store:
If you have food or lawn waste diversion programs in your city, you can use commercial 33 or 45 gallon XyloBags™ can liners in store to keep your waste containers clean. XyloBags also have odor-fighting technology which control strong smelling odors from food. 

On the shelf:
Most food waste is lost at the consumer level, so give your customers the option to responsibly compost their waste via 13 gallon kitchen bags and 33 gallon lawn & leaf bags.

Diversion is not the only way to make positive changes.
We can also work with you and your suppliers to develop a quick and cost-effective solution to most plastic applications within the retail world. Things like plastic pallets, milk and dairy crates, shopping baskets and packaging can all be manufactured with 40-60% non-petroleum based plastic content.