Our Story

 cycleWood: From Concept to Corporation

What started as a class assignment for a group of MBA students at the University of Arkansas grew into an award-winning idea and inspiration to change the way we impact the environment: 100% compostable bags made from lignin.

Founded by Nhiem Cao and Kevin Oden, cycleWood Solutions saw the damage that plastic bags are having on our environment. Plastics constitute many of the modern products that have given us conveniences that we enjoy today. However, in time, we have seen some of the negative implications of relying so heavily on plastics. For example, plastic bags take 1000 years to decompose, which means that every single modern plastic bag that has ever been manufactured is still in existence today. With 32 million tons of plastic created every day, they are increasingly contributing to the litter in our oceans, waterways, and countryside. They are filling up our landfills, and they have terrible, often fatal, effects on wildlife.

Nhiem and Kevin knew there had to be a better way for us to have the products that we love and have grown to depend on without destroying our ecosystem for generations to come.

The solution was Lignin Р a natural byproduct of the paper industry that has many benefits.

Over the last few years, cycleWood Solutions has perfected the process of replacing traditional plastics with lignin, allowing us to have all of the modern conveniences that we are used to with none of the harmful environmental effects.

With your support, cycleWood will continue to re-invent the way we manufacture plastics, for the betterment of our environment and our future.