A New World of Plastics:
Compostable & Sustainable

Using our patented technology, cycleWood Solutions offers a sustainable solution for  a variety of single-use plastic bags. One million of these bags are consumed globally every minute!  Domestic consumption amounts to over 100 billion. This has caused consumers and governments to demand sustainable alternatives.  Our solution, the XyloBag, offers such retailers and consumers a cost-comparative, environmentally friendly alternative. Our bags are made with lignin, an abundant natural resource, and they breakdown in 12 weeks or less in a commercial compost environment.


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Manufacturing Solutions

We can create custom resins for your specific applications or supply you with modified lignin to create your own blend.

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We can create custom compostable bags and packaging for your unique boutique or retail outlet. Wholesalers are also welcome.

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We work directly with municipalities to develop eco-friendly, cost-effective waste removal programs.

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At cycleWood Solutions, our mission is to create and deliver sustainable alternative plastic solutions which contribute to building a more environmentally responsible society.

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Raw Materials & Licensing

CycleWood’s proprietary technology is now available as both a raw material for manufacturing and as a licensed business solution.

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